webdesign3In 2014 Web Design is pushing forward on into the future of its time. Web designers are smarter, faster, and have technology at their fingertips that wasn’t available in even 2012. This is my compiled personal list of where we are headed in 2014.



Apple and Microsoft both have gotten on board with what other companies are doing and have transferred over to flat designs in their most up to date system releases.

The flat design is simple and leads to a lot of user interface. The flat design is well on its way to becoming a trend especially now that iOS7, Google Gmail, Facebook, and Windows 8 are all implementing a flat UI.


Bleh, Font

The size of your font is actually a dilemma these days. With the resolution of screens, the need to raise the standard size of your font is necessary, so stretch it on out! Believe it or not, the Font tool will be the next big brand shaping tool.


Web Design, Responsive you say?

This  is not really an option anymore. If your website is non responsive, you will lose your traffic, and essentially your online business or website will plummet.



This is a big word and is new to me. I like the way it rolls off my tongue which is kind of ironic since this pertains to scrolling. Parallax scrolling is a scrolling technique where your background and foreground images and text are brought to life, essentially animated as you scroll which brings a new depth to your web page.


Simple is Best

Simplicity is nothing new, if you give the laziest person the hardest job he or she will get it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When you combine your eccentric content with a flat page design, you will have a powerful page. Check out Top Advertising Agencies to get your business rolling now!


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