Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying GlassSEO – Search Engine Optimization – is essential for capturing proactive, targeted traffic in order to generate website transactions. Search engines (SE) provide the vast majority of Internet users with the method of finding information they seek. Developing strong market share via improved organic ranking is our focus in SEO.

Organic ranking is the position of your un-paid search listing as presented by Google and the other SE’s. SEO service specifically relates to the range of capabilities and expertise which serve the purpose of advancing your organic SE ranking. SEO deals with “on site” advancement related to organic ranking and internal site performance. To be competitive – to gain the most attention and so traffic – you must be on Google’s or other SE’s first page, preferably at the top.

Google dominates the search engine market. While the Google certified team of experts at most SEO Companies are most concerned with the their clients’ sites rank on Google search results pages, SEO Companies emphasize the importance of diversification of traffic across other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and more. Overtime search engines update or change their internal algorithms and methods for ranking and indexing websites. Thus, in addition to tackling a changing competitor landscape, advancing and maintaining organic rank over time is also based on understanding and applying proper techniques in concert with Google’s and other SE’s latest search criteria updates. Our leadership in online business development through search engine optimization was founded on the principal of remaining current with Google and the other SE’s latest standards, while maintaining diversification of traffic to limit impacts of such changes which are generally unknown before announced.

Determining which digital marketing practices are best suited to most effectively market a website and rank a website on search engines requires analysis of many factors. Among these factors: the current status of online and related off-line marketing programs, the content and relevancy of the website(s), business development goals, target audience(s), and the marketing budget. These factors and others must be analyzed and proper strategies employed for each to create an SEO program best suited to deliver results within the competitive space, timelines and budget of the client.

Examples of SEO are: site surveyance, competitive analysis, keyword research and analysis, local search and optimization, search-friendly content and architecture, and analysis.

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