If you are struggling to get traffic coming your way or you are trying to build up more traffic, try using some of these tips for finding new readers.


Holding Hands Method

Work on convincing other blog posters that have a great amount of traffic to send their readers your way. The topics may not be the same, but I like to think that a lot of people didn’t know they were looking for something until they see it. Having other people send you readers is always the fastest and most effective method of building your audience. Word of mouth is your best friend, so make sure that what people are saying about you are all good things.


Who is Your Audience

Are you attracting the right readers for your blog? This is semi contradictory to earlier said statement that most people don’t know what they are looking for until they see it. The majority of the audience you are trying to generate to your website should, in fact, be a group of people that want and need what you are offering. Thoughtful and well written content should be directed at a specific reader you are after. A common mistake with many bloggers on their own websites is the content is written to be aimed at other bloggers that have the same website.


Complements and Other Big Words

You may presume that your blog is going well because you have received compliments from other bloggers in your particular genre. While these are a great ego booster, these are not the trafficked readers you are targeting. Go to the websites of said complementary and blog your website, this will attract their readers to your site and then you have them hooked. This becomes the Loop Method. The READERS will blog about you and your website creating another loop of people that want to know what all the hubbub is. I cannot stress enough the importance of your content and how it is written. The very first thing even your first handful of readers should see would be directly catered to them. Through simple research, I have found over and over that this is a no fail way to draw in massive amounts of new eyeballs to your website. You can also look into an advertising agency for all your web needs.


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