Size might not always matter, but experience does. There is only so much anyone can learn from books and sitting in a classroom. The rest comes from real experience in the field in the real world.

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel; so learning from others is very valuable. When choosing a marketing company, do a little research and see what experience their team has. A team’s experience comes from working with companies that have helped the following familiar names reach higher rankings:

• American Express
• Chase
• Dole
• Bank of America
• Toshiba
• Porsche Racing
• Google
• Yahoo
• Nike
• Apple
• And others

When you find the Internet marketing company that has experience and a proven track record, make sure they aren’t set in their ways. Experience should not be confining and limiting. Phrases like “We have always done it this way” or “It has worked for the past 5 years for us” show an Internet marketer who is set in their own ways. The education gained from experience should be a springboard, not a box.

Experience plus knowledge of what is new and upcoming is a hard to beat combination. An Internet marketer who is well versed in viral marketing, social media, web 2.0, e-commerce, and other current trends in Internet marketing will be able to take your Internet business to the top and keep it there with professional marketing management.

When it comes to website design. Check out the portfolio of the potential designer or designing team. When looking at the different designs look at the following:

• Are the designs similar or unique?
• Are there a variety of types of websites?
• Do the designs match the type of business?
• Can the websites be easily navigated?
• What is the first impression of the website?
• Do the website colors work together?

When trying to determine if an Internet marketing company has the experience they say they do, try talking directly to the person who will be handling your account. It is one thing to research and give the right answer on an email reply, it is a different matter to be able to quickly and confidently reply to a question when talking on the phone.

A new Internet marketing company doesn’t automatically mean they don’t have experience. The owners, the team, or the management may still have plenty of experience to go around and have chosen to use their experience to earn an income for themselves instead of for others.

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