Television and internet production technology conceptAre you thinking of creating a website? Before you hire a designer or developer and sign with any expert who promises to develop your site, consider the following keys that will be more than helpful.


Remember that what is left are people and companies that offer design services and web development; some are excellent, but others are light one day; eager to take your money and run. First of all, try to ask for references from other clients and visit the websites that they have created. You may also wish to request proposals from several companies before making a final decision.


Hiring someone else to develop a website for your business is as difficult as asking a third party to build a home to suit your tastes and needs. So, try to be as specific as possible as to the requirements of the website; what kind of speed requires the page, if it is compatible with multiple browsers, whether users can place orders online etc.

Property Rights

The rights of all creation belongs to the author or creator, unless otherwise stated in writing. Since a website is considered intellectual property, be sure to make it clear the rights issue before putting the project to work. This means making sure that the website is owned by your company. A second option is to leave the picture up to the developer of the page during design and development, including a clause in the contract providing that they give the rights and content of the page once the project is completed.

Rights material

The designer must agree, by contract, to ask permission to others to use any material protected by copyright law. This material may include photos or music. It is not possible to include materials without permission that is owned by others since this will cause a problem later.

Hidden Costs

Make sure you read all thoroughly and ask for specifications. Some web developers offer deals at very low rates, but then raise their prices dramatically when having to update your page. Pay attention to that. Set this point since the beginning of the work relationship. It is better to put it clear. Determine your budget and establish how much you are willing to pay for additional work.

Lastly you need to think about web hosting. It is common for designers to also offer the “hosting package” or hosting sites development, but if you do want to keep your site always with them, it is important to negotiate separate contracts, one for the development and design of the page, and one for hosting and maintaining it or hire a specialist web – hosting company. The above hints will surely help you ensure the best design service. Find the right person for your website design to ensure amazing quality for your website.


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