google2Google is far and away the most well known and most successful search engine in the world, dominating its industry like very few other companies can. Google has been a driving force to help create some of the best Brands in the world because of their ability to recognize and stay on top of the ever changing technology and the way people access the internet. Google also recognized the need for mobile apps very early in the game and went straight to the drawing board to ensure that no other could compete. Thank you and Kudos Google, you make my virtual world easy and pleasant.



The amount of work that has gone into creating the Google Platform is astounding. Google has one of the most dedicated group of employees that are happy to do their job. They are constantly updating their search algorithm to ensure that when you search for something you will get the best and most relevant results. Unlike the competition, Google does not have to manipulate the numbers to make themselves look more relevant.


The Investment

The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Google has invested far more than any other company in order to stay ahead of the technology and get this content to you as the consumer or business owner. Google’s investment in itself has created the most sophisticated search algorithm available. The amount of money spent on Google’s behalf has been used to constantly upgrade itself to make sure they remain to be the best.


Google and You

If you have done your homework on SEO then you will know that Google is your beloved. Google is always the first place I go when I want to search for something because the results are magnificent. Any other search engine is just pale white in comparison as far as I am concerned. As a Web Marketing Consultant, I would honestly like to be an investor in Google itself. By being strategic in placing my links for my business, I know that keywords will always bring eyeballs to my websites when the consumer is searching through Google. Check out Internet Marketing Strategies and how Google can help you build.


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