urlIf you are doing any PPC advertising for clients, then you probably know that the copy you use in your ad campaigns play a vital role in their success. After your best keyword choices and optimal sales copy, your ad campaign can still do poorly. There are some problems with ad copy that you may not have known before. PPC also depends on quality score and campaign optimization. Here are some tips to creating better PPC ads.

1. Use Specific Language

You don’t want to be generic at all with your ad copy. You can deliver the best possible message to your customers if you conduct analytical research as part of your marketing approach before creating an ad. You should know all of your ad groups before posting any kind of ad campaign.

2. Highlight Unique Value Points

You should also know what separates you from competitors. Domino’s has a 30-minute guaranteed delivery, and Fed Ex uses guaranteed overnight delivery. What’s something that sets you apart that your audience really wants?

3. Choose Keywords Wisely

Keyword research also plays a huge role in your PPC advertisements. Your keywords should be researched before and chosen wisely to get the optimized result back for the investment. Keywords need to grab attention but also provide some value to the queries that people are searching for. Main keywords should be included in headline and ad description for best results.

4. Create the Best Call-To-Action

You can combine your UVP and call-to-action for an incredible ad. How fast can someone get a quote with your company? What kind of savings are you offering? If you can offer some kind of deal with your AdWords campaign, you’ll likely get more clicks.

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