content marketingContent Marketing is taking over. No wonder, therefore, why top companies are betting on the social media marketing and content creation in its communication strategy. According reports, B2B companies state that creating content for social networking is what provides better ROI.

Social media marketing is a priority for both B2B and B2C companies. Many of them use it to derive traffic to your website , and also to improve their relevance for searchers. As to the proposed objectives for improving content strategy in Social Media, one third of companies creating video highlights as the main challenge; while around 20% indicated that the content drawn from the research is the most difficult to generate.

Blogging 2014

Blogging also appears as an imperative task during 2014, which requires time and dedication. Marketers strive to achieve a quality blog, including interesting and compelling content.

You need to sort the following 3 points out:

  1. How important is content marketing within your online marketing strategy?
  2. How to deal with the indiscriminate use of force Content Marketing evolution
  3. How to increase the value of the content that is broadcast?

To answer the above, we must focus on the differentiation to increase overall value of what we share. Even if you feel overwhelmed, you can certainly improve the impact of this new discipline, which has become one of the strategic pillars of marketing.

The indicators and goals associated with measuring outcomes in our content marketing activity are: to increase traffic on the corporate website, to increase fan communities on social networks, to improve the functional positions of our site or search engine keywords or increase requests for information related to the contents disclosed in the digital media corporate. At this juncture, experts firmly believe that content marketing will evolve into:

  • MK Integrate content with the areas of communication, CSR and SM
  • Segment and assess its content personalization
  • Search for specialization and professionalization
  • Bet more on the visual and less text
  • Finding a branding goal oriented business that CP
  • Payment options for outstanding content

Overall, the so-called content marketing is in full swing. Almost 70% of companies with a marketing department, practice this new discipline aimed at improving the visibility, credibility and trust our brand and to arouse interest in the products or services they sell. Virtually, all of the companies practicing content marketing assume that this strategy will pay off in the medium term. Therefore, the development of a specific plan and a continuous supply of resources is needed.

To the above aspects we have to add that regarding the input of the TV 2.0, much of the content will be consumed in the living room of our own home while watching television. Definitely a remarkable change from the way we consume this content. Marketing is the best way to have a great online business.


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