web_designThe characteristics of a web designer are very different from a graphic designer, interior or fashion expert. You should have in mind everything you need to know when hiring a designer. This will allow you to avoid making the mistake of hiring the wrong person. Do not lose time and proceed properly!

Know what you need

To choose the right person, here are some tips to save you a lot of headaches:

  • Want to hire a designer or programmer? Designers have the technique and ability to create beautiful websites, while programmers are responsible for creating the functionality of sites and applications.

  • Small agencies or not? Small agencies can create amazing web pages quickly and well designed, but if you’re used to working with a programmer, this can be the best bet.

  • Learn about technology. If you want to launch a popular site, try looking for specialists in WordPress or Drupal as they are fast and cheap, but if you want to create an e-commerce site, search platforms like Shoplfy or WooCommerce. For instance, recently the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg announced that this platform is increasing. In 2012, they recorded 16.7% of new users and now in 2013, 18.9 % of records are. It is a good choice not only for bloggers but for local or small businesses. Besides that, many web designers specialize in this platform.

  • Schedule multiple appointments. Make sure to interview designers who are soaked to what happens in the world and new trends, as it is not just the person who will sell your site, if not the entire development will create.

  • Talking with past clients. Find out about previous jobs, history of the designer, this will tell you much more than a website.

  • Copyrights. By default, the recruiter has the copyright of the website and the intellectual property unless otherwise noted. If you have questions on this item should contact a lawyer.

Hiring someone or fixed fees?

Apart from the above, make sure you establish payments. What if the designer is someone with whom you have never worked with? He may not know exactly what you want and this is why you need to state fees from the very beginning. The site must have maintenance work and you need to discuss these details. If your requirements are ambiguous, what should you do? Just state your concerns and clear your doubts. Referrals are the best options, if someone recommends a designer, still, make sure that their work is really good and has experience. A clear portfolio should be enough.

All in all, you must not forget to look for someone who knows how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will allow clients find your site quickly via search engines like Google. Hiring someone new is a big responsibility, sometimes we can get carried away by intuition or impulse, but it is essential to do multiple tests before hiring someone to be part of the history of your company and staff. Check out top marketing agencies to find the best fit for you.


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